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Panel no. 1:
Silvi Paese Largo della Porta Square: "The so-called Castle of Silvi" (1799-1925) and an introduction to Historical Archives of Silvi

Panel no. 2:
Silvi Marina Pini's Square: "Since autonomous municipality restoration to WWII evacuation" (1929-1944)

Panel no. 3:
Silvi Marina G. Marconi Square: "Main public works and buildings" (1914-1947)

Panel no. 4:
Silvi Marina E. Fermi Square: "Everyday life and tourism" (1950-1964)

Silvi Alta

Tour for the village
Nicola Fuschi Lane
Silvi remember...


Promotion: Comune di Silvi
Tutor: Assessore alla Cultura Gabriele Cichella
Coordination: Miriam Costantini (Funzionario responsabile settore cultura) - Francesca Romana Sardo (Funzionario responsabile Affari Generali)

Design realisation: Alessandra Di Giovanni archivist
Panels production: Antonio Jr Di Giovanni

Fhoto's press: N.A. Centro Copie - Via D'Annunzio 142 - 64025 Pineto (TE)


Silvi's Official Site
Silvi's Proloco

The present exhibition is made up of a series of documents preserved at Historical Archives of Silvi's Municipality. The Historical Archives has recently been salvaged and put in order. The "touring" ideation of historical documents exhibition wishes to suggest undertaking of pathway through territory and history of Silvi and his people. the exhibition has been organized in four subject treated by explanatory panels which show an array of the historical documents picked out to tell about four differents aspects of public life. The four panels and their own themes are located each one in four different squares..

Even majory history is built upon many little histories...

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Prima fotografia

Panels: [ 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ]

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exhibition online from 2006 november 2006

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